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Jolly place


Jolly place

Jolly place is a street located in Griffith, New South Wales. In total, there are about 13 houses, condos, apartments or land on the street of Jolly place. Note that housenode is a real estate database based on public data, for listings of properties for sale please refer to your local realtor in Griffith.

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New South Wales
Jolly place

Real estates on Jolly place

You can find Jolly place together with 13 other real estate properties on Jolly place in Griffith. Sometimes we have access to extended information about the residence, such as operating costs, charges, postal code and output prices at previous sales. This information is or has been the audience at the previous sale of the residence, however, such information may be outdated or incorrect so see it more as an indication. The value is based on previous starting price and sale price in the area.

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